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Alcohol Aficionado has been mentioned in many famous publications. View 10 Best Scotch‘s Best Scotch Brands.

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The 10 Best Scotch awards are reviewed by industry professionals, many of whom have been in the spirits industry for decades.

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10 Best Scotch holds rolling submissions to its rankings. Submit now to be ranked & reviewed. New Best Scotch Brands soon!

10 Best Scotch’s Online Approach

As you have noticed, there is a great deal of magazines featuring spirit awards and best choices of alcohol. While these are nice, they are not really something that is as beneficial as being able to look at the same information in digital format. We at the 10 Best Scotch & Alcohol Aficionado believe that it is our duty to be able to present a strong image for you. We also wish to create a more user-friendly platform that you can choose over traditional platforms for Best Scotch lists.


Using our platform, you will be able to peruse over the various news pieces, awards, and any information about your favorite novel Scotch brands in a way that is more modern. You still get the same information, only in an easy to view method. Check out the rest of our site to find out more, as well as get ideas about drink you have never had.


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Alcohol Aficionado consists of a wonderful team of experts in the industry such as master distillers, professional connoisseurs, and veteran distributors. We put the submissions that we feel are the best in the 10 Best Scotch rankings, but use the same type of extensive scrutiny that one would see in those who happen to be competing with the Alcohol Aficionado Spirits Awards. Every single product that we feature will undergo a comprehensive process of evaluation and testing. This process not only weeds out the ones that we do not feel are acceptable, it also encompasses many factors to help us pick the perfect choices. Not only does this give you better insight on what we do, it does this in a digital format that beat the previous format of simply printing out a magazine. This allows us to reach more people and gives the opportunity to include other important pieces of information regarding Scotch. Checking out the rest of our website will help you understand exactly what we do.

Best Scotch Brands

10 Best Scotch acts as an extension of Alcohol Aficionado, communicating the organization's opinions, news, and awards for the Scotch industry. Our Alcohol Awards are the most cutting edge in the world, bringing together advanced web-based technology and traditional flavor profiling by our experts.

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